Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know Hive Mind is progressing rather nicely, now that I am in a better mental state. I know I said a publish date of August of this year, but that will have to be pushed back, because of all my previous delays. However, this book will be finished sometime later this year! This is really exciting to me, Hive Mind being my first full length novel.

After Hive Mind is complete, I will be concentrating on finishing the next in the Alien Instincts series. I imagine writing this book will go considerably faster. Both because I’m in a better head space, and because I’m hoping to make this story considerably shorter than Hive Mind, but still longer than War Games. I wish I could post some cover art and an excerpt, but I’ve been concentrating so much on finishing Hive Mind, that I haven’t had time for that! I will let you know, though, that I do have plans to make this series a total of at least 4 books. Much more information about the Morian race will be explained in the series, and the rest of Markar and Rae’s relationship. So don’t worry too much about all the mystery, because everything will eventually be fully explained in the next 2 books!

Its taken me a long while, but I have been healing. Thank you to everyone, for your prayers and good vibes. They’ve meant so much to me! It truly is amazing how much life can change, with just a little bit of time. 🙂

Thank you all, and best wishes.

– Cynthia


2 responses to “Update

  1. How was your holiday? Hope it was great. Seating on the edge of my seat for Hive Mind. After reading war games then the teaser for hive mind I’m just bouncing around biting my nails waiting. Thank you for bring hive mind to us I can’t wait to see were you go with this.

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